Web Bookings

eBookings Manager™ provides diners with the convenience of being able to make restaurant reservations online in real-time. eBookings Manager™ offers speed, convenience & simplicity, 24 hours a day.

  • eBookings Manager™ is genuinely real-time - not an e-mail enquiry! We provide restaurants with a state-of-the art Electronic Reservation System which allows you to conveniently make instant reservations 24/7.
  • When booking with eBookings Manager™ we connect directly into the restaurants to check real-time availability.
  • The booking is immediately recorded in your restaurants Reservation System and your guest receives an instant Booking Confirmation by e-mail. It is that simple....just like booking a hotel or an airline.
  • Diners can make table booking reservations via the Web without any fear of overbooking or overloading a restaurant at any time.
  • eBookings Manager™ notifies you immediately when new reservations are made so you are constantly up-to-date.
  • Web reservations & telephone bookings can be seamlessly managed from one single application.

All industry payment needs for bookings are supported and seamlessly integrated within the bookings process.

Revenue Stream

Whilst your guests are making a booking, you have a captive audience… We offer an additional module enabling you to create additional revenue streams from your suppliers by displaying their brand(s)… The supplier gets brand exposure, and you generate additional revenue or free stock (which can be turned into cash).

Click below to view different types of displays - each version can be either embedded into your website or displayed via a pop-up still (Ajax) window...