iPhone Branded Apps

Our branded iPhone apps enable you to stay in touch with your guests…

The cost of commissioning your own app for the iPhone is currently very prohibitive and runs into tens of £1,000's.
We have therefore designed an app that allows all restaurant operators, from independents to chains, to own their own branded app, seamlessly integrated with eBookings Manager.

  • Fully branded to reflect your business;
  • Seamless integration with your web and telephone bookings;
  • Up to the minute update on your restaurant's news and promotions
  • Direct feedback from your guests
  • Bookings can be shared to Facebook, twitter, email & SMS in one simple key stroke

For single or multi-site restaurants
Bespoke app design and development services are also available.

  • Bookings a table
  • Cancel booking
  • Manage Bookings - View Booking history (with status and time to future bookings)
  • Restaurant Info Page
  • Special offers real time updates
  • News Feed - real time
  • Share News
  • Direct guest feedback to owner
  • On the fly promotions
  • Location maps (including Google Maps tools integration with directions)
  • Menu(s) download
  • Link to Twitter page
  • Link to Facebook page
  • Feedback on App
  • Tweet Booking
  • Send booking to Facebook
  • Email cooking to friends
  • SMS booking to friends